Red alert over redpoint auto belays

Written by Administrator
Friday, 07 October 2011 13:15

Following recent reports of two incidents where climbers using Red Point auto-belay descenders were injured when the device failed to properly control their descent; MSA the manufacturer of Red Point auto-belay descenders have issued a Stop Notice.

This STOP NOTICEĀ  means that all users should immediately stop using the auto-belays and take steps to ensure that they cannot unwittingly be used.

This Stop Notice applies to Repoint Auto Belays numbered 100 28473, 10027646 and 10027798 and to Auto Belay Descenders numbered 10021806 manufactured or last serviced on or after 30th June 2000.

Anyone using Red Point auto-belay descenders should immediately check whether their Red Points are affected by this notice and review their maintainence schedules and records.

For more information please click here.