Climbing walls, climbing ethics and achieveing your goals

Written by Administrator
Friday, 07 October 2011 13:22

Climbing walls are for many a means of experiencing the thrill of climbing without travelling long distances at the mercy of the British weather and it is clear that high quality climbing walls have played a central role in the development of climbing and the increase in its popularity.

Other than the opportunity to develop climbing specific techniques and so on climbing walls offer opportunities to develop team work and achieve personal development goals that can be matched by few other sports and this value is recognised by many in sports development, social work and education.

But we must also recognise that what is acceptable in seeking to deliver these outcomes at a climbing wall does not accord well with the ethics of climbing.  Read more.

So if you're moving from indoors to out think about what you're looking to achieve, consider what skills and experience you have and whether you're able to take this step unassisted or whether you need a guiding hand.

More information is available from the BMC, AMI and BMG.

Originally published in Summit Issue 34